vrijdag 13 april 2012

Europa Universalis III - What if: part 1: communism

The year is 1917 and the Octoberrevolution just happened, the tsar has been executed and the bolshevikes are now in control of Russia. In Eastern Europe more and more rebellions are rising. The balance of power is shifting and the Western Nations see it changing, they choose to unite and fight the red plague. New alliances are formed and old ones are breaking apart. You are forced to choose sides in a bipolar world, where Europe has been laid to waste due to the first World War.

The communist party of China is also growing in numbers rapidly, and it's Chinese imperialism is forcing China's expansion to a major scale. Most asian nation's are now in China's direct sphere of influence.

Meanwhile in Africa, the European colonies are fighting for their independance. With the European war losses of both manpower and gold, they can only do so much to surpress the rebellions.

The world is facing a conflict like it has never seen before, and you are a part of it. Where do you side and how do you play your cards?

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