maandag 9 april 2012

Realm Of The Mad God

Another game I'd like to dicuss is Realm Of The Mad God. I discovered this charm a few months ago and can promise you, for a free game, you'll enjoy yourself quite a bit!

Realm Of The Mad God
The game starts as you have been teleported by the  Mad God Onyx to his realm of creatures. The goal of the game is to fight back by killing the Mad God's creatures. Slaying enough of them will teleport everyone in the realm to the Mad God himself for the final showdown.

You start out at a beach at a border of the map. It's your "mission" to complete the quests provided on the minimap and defeat the Mad God's bosses. As you level up you move more to the center of the land, where the stronger monsters reside.

Lay-out of a realm map in ROTMG
This game is a multiplayer isometric adventure shoot-em-up I-really-have-no-idea kind of game. It's unique in it's style and is pretty hard to play, because once your character dies, well it's not coming back. You'll have to start over again. Oh, did I forget to mention dying is recquired to unlock new classes? Puts it all in a new perspective eh?
There are several classes to be unlocked, each giving an unique gameplay experience as they each fulill an unique roll in the combat. The class combat is pretty straightforward, so you'll be getting what you bargained for when playing a character.
Realm Of The Mad God - Wiki
For further information I recommend watching Totalhalibut's first impression of this game.

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  1. That certainly is an interesting game.

  2. Your post and the video do a great job of explaining and showing off what this game is actually about. Do you still play?

    1. At rare occasions. I fire it up from time to time, but it's not like I'm playing it every day.