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Legend of Grimrock

Legend of Grimrock is a modern dungeon crawling / RPG game for the PC by Almost Human Ltd. It was inspired by Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder and Ultima Underworld.

You play as a group of criminals that have been sentenced to death by shipping them to Mount Grimrock. Little did their captors know that Mount Grimrock contains a massive network of dungeons and tunnels. It is up to you and your four-man party to find the path to freedom and live another day.

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The game features a grid to grid movement and combat system, as featured in oldschool dungeon crawlers. This creates a very tactical atmosphere in which a simple step can mean the difference between life or death. The game completely follows up on oldschool gameplay by focussing on player wits and perception to explore the map and solve the presented puzzles.

The combat system in this game is based on the unique skills of your 4 party members. You have two people standing in the front of your party and two standing in the back. The ones standing in the front will take most of the damage, so it is advised you place some strong, tanklike characters here. The two spots in the back will take less damage, but can take damage nonetheless. This leaves room for some more offensive based characters.
Each character will have unique abilities based on their equipment, class, skills and race. It is up to you to find out which ability is best suited for which situation. For example: a poison cloud can be a good tactic if you trap your enemy in it, however it can also deal damage to you.

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You attack by clicking on the character windows, as seen in the lower-right corner in the picture above. Once attacked, you will have to wait trough a certain amount of cooldown before you can attack again  with the same character. This forces you to build up all of your characters at once, so you can't click spam your enemies to death with a single overpowered character.

If you want to spice up the game a bit, and improve your immersion, the game also features an oldschool mode where you can disable the map. This means you will have to work your way trough the dungeon without a map, or make one yourself!

This game certainly seems worth checking out!

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